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Kona Wild Child's Story

Serena Jarvis grew up in Niagara Falls, a small town of upstate New York with her hard working parents who imparted their daughter with a solid work ethic. 

“My mother taught me to draw and make things,” she remembers.  “That’s how I spent my time as a young person.”  In addition to creativity, ingenuity was fostered. 

That can-do, entrepreneurial spirit is hard-wired into Jarvis a self-taught artist who has been handcrafting for 30 years.  Her products are made from the highest quality hides.

Jarvis does all of the work on the pieces herself, cutting, punching and lacing every element by hand using simple tools. The tools of her trade are a single-hole drive punch, a rotary blade  and the most “complicated” other than her own two hands—are spring-loaded scissors. She also has a walking foot sewing machine that she uses to sew the leather together. This represents the only machine work that touches her creations.

She successfully features her retail at craft shows all over the Big Island. Her collection is also available online and at her studio in Kailua Kona, by appointment only. 

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